Best days ever!

[email sent Aug 15, 2016]

Dear family and friends,

I got to meet an apostle. So, like, this week was epic! Elder Bednar is incredible! The whole week was awesome with teaching people, office work, health, and just everything. This week built from sweet level on Monday to code best day(s) of my life on Saturday and Sunday. I was so excited when I woke up on Saturday! It was like being a kid all over again and waking up on Christmas morning. My feelings of excitement kept on building until to the moment when the assistants to the president lined us up for a picture, and even then my excitement grew.

Our whole mission stood breathlessly still while waiting for Elder Bednar’s car to pull into the stake center’s parking lot and for him to join us for a picture. Then, his car came around the corner of the building, parked, and out hopped Elder Bednar! I couldn’t help but give the biggest, most cheesy smile I ever have in my life.

Elder Bednar joined the missionaries for a photo and then we all moved inside the building for our devotional. To begin the program, we had an opening prayer and then our small missionary choir preformed Elder Bednar’s song “One by one” to invite the Spirit. And… I was to solo for the first verse. Haha, not gonna lie, I was terrified. As the pianist played the intro, all I could hear was the blood in my ears and all I could taste was my heart in my mouth. Thankfully the Lord looks out for His children, because the fear went completely away as I began to sing. It felt really good to use my talent. 🙂 After the song, Elder Bednar stood up before anyone else could and congratulated our little choir personally. He told us we did a fantastic job. 🙂

Before Elder Bednar spoke to our little mission, the Africa area presidency spoke first. Wonderful talks, of which I took notes on, but forgot to bring them to emailing time today. Sorry! Gonna have to wait until next week for my notes! But I couldn’t forget Elder Bednar’s instruction. Elder Bednar is a man just like the rest of us and he teaches simply enough for everyone to learn, but he teaches with power. I will never forget the way he taught. One day, I want to be able to teach like Elder Bednar. His secret, he let everyone in the room speak, he listened to everything that everyone spoke, and he helped us all become agents unto ourselves. Every time someone asked him a question, he would ask “Now, can I ask you a question?” He didn’t force the discussion at all, but he let the Holy Ghost guide. I have never been taught so much in such a short period of time before. Also, never has time gone so fast! We had 3 hours of instruction from him and at the end I thought, “What?!?!?! It’s over already?” But at the same time, I felt refreshed. I felt renewed. He also invoked an apostolic blessing on us, that if we were to feast on the scriptures every day of our lives and always look outward towards the needs of others before our own, we would never fall into the destructive power of pride. He also taught about the power of the Atonement in such a simple way. He told us that most of the members of the church think the Atonement is nice, but does not apply to them personally. He told us that if we are thinking that the Atonement doesn’t apply to us, we should stop right away. That if we are thinking the Atonement doesn’t apply to us, we believe in Christ, but we don’t really believe Him. The Atonement happened “One by one”, meaning Jesus Christ died for each one of us, personally.

Really, I just have too many thoughts about Saturday to put into one letter… So find me after my mission for a full story and notes. At the end of the meeting, we got to shake Elder Bednar’s hand, which I got really excited about! He was mostly just smiling while he shook everyone’s hand, but when I got to him, he stopped me and ask “where are you from, elder?” Which I responded, “I’m from Missouri.” After that he said, “It was really nice to meet you, elder.” Now, I’m not saying that I’m special or anything… I’m just saying it was really cool that he stopped me. I loved meeting Elder Bednar.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot to write about the Sunday meeting! This meeting was held for the 2 stakes that are in Kumasi. It was also awesome. You will have to get my notes letter. The main message was look more outward at others and you will start to love the gospel and the Savior more. You will also understand His Atonement more. At the end of the meeting, he said something that blew my mind… Currently, there are 2 stakes in Kumasi. Elder Bednar said that soon, like 25 years soon, there would be 50 stakes in Kumasi. Mind. Blown.

Well, sorry for such a short letter after so much awesome, but my time is short… I love all of you very much!


Elder Whipple

P.S. Make men agents unto themselves, to act and not to be acted upon. That’s how you teach with the Spirit.