Ostrich, peacocks, and the Golden Tulip

[email sent June 13, 2016]

Elder Dudley’s three month mark was on Saturday, so he wanted to celebrate by playing “matchsticks and a bottle” and taking pictures.

This week flew by just as quickly as the last. My companion and I did a lot of contacting big houses this last week.

Our landlord invited us to do service for her last Saturday, which we happily accepted! It’s what my mom would call “fun”… A whole lot of weed pulling… It was good fun though! Can you find me in the banana trees?

Here’s a journal entry for one of my contacting experiences this last week. “The area elder Lawson and I are assigned to labor in right now mostly houses the really rich people of Kumasi. Today, while contacting, elder Lawson and I found a big compound with the gate open and two or three big houses in it, so we decided to contact there. When we went inside we found a young woman sitting on a bench in the really well kept compound yard. She offered us a seat as soon as we walked up to her, which most Ghanaians will do. After speaking with her for a bit, she said she would like us to come back later to teach her a lesson, because an electrician had just shown up to work on her house. We thanked her for her time, set a return time, and left. Right down the road from her house, elder Lawson and I were passing another gated compound with a locked gate. As we passed it, I thought “Let’s try it!” When we walked up to the locked gate, I noticed a crack in the gate and peeked through. I was baffled by what I saw! I turned to elder Lawson and said, “There’s tons of peacocks in there!” We knocked on the gate and eventually the caretaker of the compound came and opened the gate by order of the owner. We were invited to come and speak with the owners of the compound. As we walked towards the house, I noticed even more peacocks and even an ostridge! For a moment I thought, “Africa wouldn’t be a bad place to live if you had money. Maybe I’ll have a house here one day just so I can have sweet African animals in my front yard…” The owners of the house didn’t have a lot of time, but we were able to teach a short lesson. They invited us to come back to continue our message after we finished the lesson. Good times in Daban.”

We went to the Golden Tulip (nicest place in Kumasi) to eat today. We paid for the lunch buffet. Definitely the best meal I have and probably will ever eat in Ghana.

Pretty cool stuff. Not a lot of missionaries get to teach a lesson in the middle of a zoo… Along with teaching cool lessons this week, we also taught the most lessons in one week then we ever have as a companionship so far! We were pretty happy when we closed our week with meeting all of the goals we had set for the week. Even thought elder Lawson and I work extremely hard together, we just haven’t been able to achieve our goals until this last week. We have been setting relatively high goals for office elders though…

Unified district right there.
Along with meeting weekly goals, I have been learning new things! Big surprise  there, huh? One day last week, while sitting at my computer typing away, I was listening to a devotional talk given by Elder Bednar given at BYU-I called “Seeing things as they really are.” This talk hit me right between the eyes… I have had a greater desire to do good with my life and rise to the potential that God would have me be at since coming on my mission, but especially after hearing that talk. I wasted a few hours on social media and video games… Okay, probably more time then I would like to share. I have so many things I want to do in life! So many places to go! So many people to help! I may have wasted a ton of time on useless hobbies before, but not anymore. I’m done with wasting time! I have a fire burning in my soul.
The outside doesn’t look very nice, but that place is legit.
To close my week, I had a personal experience with forgiveness this week. Maybe I’ll share it one day if you ask me.
Whelp, that’s all I can think of for this week! Until next Monday!
With Megatons of love,
I ate so much food… Food I haven’t eaten in 8 months… Salad! Real salad!!!!