[email sent Sep 26, 2016]

Dear family and friends,

My heart is soft as the Lord continues to teach me. All this week I have been trying to study and apply the principle of humility. The more I showed that I was willing to submit and trust God, the more He taught me. This week He taught me so many things, but the one principle I noticed Him teaching me the most of is faith. All throughout this week, as I taught one family or individual after another, I was bearing my testimony with all the energy of my soul. Even though I could feel the Spirit strongly, a lot of those I taught this week took no action and did not progress. We cannot force people to believe our message and use their faith. It does not work like that. We have to act for OURselves and then OUR faith will grow. I wish I could talk more about faith, but my time is short.

Faith is like a seed.

Last Saturday, as my companion and I were finishing a lesson with some of the youth in our branch, they told us that Gifty’s mother would not let her come to church, because pastors told her we do bad things at church. Gifty is one of the young woman that has been coming to church for 6 months and is preparing to be baptized. We went to see Gifty right away. When we found her, she was crying. She told us that the church is true and that she is heart broken her mother will not let her come. I wanted to go speak to the mother right away, but she doesn’t speak English… So, we sat in silence for awhile. I opened the Book of Mormon and read in Mosiah chapters 23 and 24 where it talks about trusting in the Lord. When I tried to read it to her, I couldn’t because I was crying… It took me forever to finally finish the scripture and bear my testimony about God’s love for her. I love her and the other members here. I told her that Jesus Christ will never give up on her, so neither would I. Through much prayer, seeking for an answer, and convincing, Gifty’ s mother softened her heart and let Gifty come to church. God loves us. Trust Him and He will deliver you.

A seed must be nourished to grow.
Much love,

Elder Whipple


New Area

[email sent 19, 2016]

Took this pretty shot while trying to keep up with my companion on my bike.

Dear family and friends,

My new area  is the promise land of the Ghana Kumasi mission. Everyone here speaks English, not many people lie when they say they will come to church, and there are so many wonderful youth here.


The youth are probably one of my favorite parts of serving here. They have the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard from people so young and they are so willling to sacrifice for the truth.

Yup, back in the village.

The Africa west area has a rule that youth without member family support have to come to church for 6 months before they can be baptized, so about 10+ youth have been coming to church here for almost 6 months and will be baptized next month.


There is so much to be done here. The Lord has assigned me to be companions with one of the best people for this area. My companion from Nigeria, Elder Ulu, is probably one of the most hard working missionaries in this mission. From the time we finish companionship study in the morning to the time we walk through our door at 9 o’clock at night, we are teaching. I have never worked as hard or taught as much as I have here. Elder Ulu is humble and loving and I love him.

Top of my apartment complex.

Now, I am sorry, but I am no longer in the mission office with its nice computers to email… I am back to cafes with terrible keyboards, so I cannot write as much as I would like to this week.

This is my apartment staircase.
I love all of you tons,

Elder Whipple