This week

[email sent Aug 22, 2016]

Dear beloved family and friends,

The weeks are flying by right now. I am so grateful for the counsel of the wise men and women in my life. Ever since I received an email a few weeks ago to stop making excuses and start creating success wherever I go, with the Lord’s help, I have been working for success every second of every day.

I have always kind of worked hard since coming on my mission… But that’s the thing, I have only “kind of worked hard.” The Lord knows us best. He knew that I wanted to give my whole heart to the work, but He also fully knew that I had perfected the art of excuse making. He helped me understand that if I don’t make excuses when problems arise and instead engage all of my faculties into finding a solution, He will open another door. Each day, as I give everything to the Lord, He takes my desire and He does much more through me than I could relying on my own strength. Now I go about always looking for opportunities to be like Jesus Christ, no matter what happens. Instead of giving up when everything is hard, we just work harder. There is too much work to be done in the Lord’s vineyard for us to just sit back and relax. Because of the effort my companion and I are putting forth, the Lord is truly blessing us. Right now, we have way more people than we have time to teach. We had four referrals in one day last week and all of them really want to know the truth. My companion and I had not had a ton of success in our area when we first got here, but now we are preparing one person to be baptized next Sunday and more the following Sundays. Last week we had three investigators come to church. Next week we plan on having six or more investigators at church. The Lord really blesses us when we learn how to “create success” and we do this by involving the Lord and then doing everything we can on our end.

A fire has grown in me and it gets bigger every day. The missionary work I have started here in Ghana is only the beginning. I have seen how this work I am doing has become less and less like a job and more and more like a way of life. “Line upon line” my love for the gospel and for our Father’s plan is growing. The thing that excites me the most is that this work that I am doing will never end in my life time. I will continue to always share the gospel, wherever I go. I used to think it would be weird if I just talked to anyone about my religion and the gospel, but now I think it would be ridiculous if I didn’t share what I know with everyone! The gospel is sweet. And… just like delicious chocolate, I want to share it with everyone!

I think the most important thing I have learned so far on my mission is that “we are people to act and not objects to be acted upon.” I have helped the people I teach understand that they are agents unto themselves by teaching with questions, listening, and then expounding their answers. As I have done this, I have felt the Spirit more often and have understood the Plan of Salvation a little better.

The Lord is great. He loves all of us and knows us by name. I think the reason I have come to love bearing my testimony so often is that the more I do bear my testimony, the more I know it’s true. When I speak truth, the Spirit confirms it to my heart. God lives and I know it.

Much love,

Elder Whipple


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