Going back to old things…

[email sent July 25, 2016]

Well, I have decided that there are too many troubles with large dropbox videos, so I will be going back to my long weekly letters! I will upload little videos here and there, but no more long videos… Sorry if you liked those. You can see my face when I get home. 🙂

I know I say this all the time, but time flies in the mission field. I LOVE IT HERE!!! SO MUCH! Mission is great.

I don’t have a lot of time this week, but I will give a quick update. My sensitivity to the Spirit is growing and I feel happier then ever before. Elder Dudley and his companion got emergency transferred to an area that needed missionaries badly, so that makes me kind of sad… Elder Anderson and I took over their area, so now we have a million people to visit and love. We will know on Saturday transfer news, so we will find out if I am leaving the office or staying.

I love y’all tons!

Elder Whipple
Oh sorry, I forgot to say something… I said it in my dropbox videos, but some of you were not able to watch them. Elder Bednar is coming to our mission in August and he will meet with all of us missionaries before he meets with the people of Ghana. I get to sing a small solo for him when he comes. Shout out to everyone who helped me learn how to sing. Also, no one in our branch here knows how to play the piano, so I give the starting note to every hymn we sing. Ha, who needs a piano? 🙂

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