Another week down…

[email sent Aug 29, 2016]

Dear family and friends,
I have now been away from home for 10 months. Mind blown. It doesn’t even feel like ten months. I love it so much here. 
Now, it has just been brought to my attention that I have not written much about the people I have been teaching. My bad. I try to write as much as I can in the short amount of time I have. I will repent though. I will make sure to write about at least one investigator each week now.
For this week, we have two young men named Thomas and Kojo.
There is a young man in our branch named Ernest and he loves working with the missionaries. He was just recently baptized, but is not afraid to refer people for us to teach. One day 2 weeks ago, while my companion and I were working in the office, Ernest called us and told us “You should come over to my compound (people here in Ghana live in big compounds with lots of other families.) and teach a young man here. It’s an emergency. He really wants to know the truth.” Well, I am not one to pass up a wonderful referral like that! So my companion and I quickly jumped into our car and rushed to meet with this young man named Kojo. As soon as we got to Ernest’s compound, Ernest introduced us to Kojo. We began our lesson with a prayer and then asked Kojo what he wanted gain from learning with us. He instantly responded with the answer “I want to find salvation for my soul.” I was blown away! I forgot to mention that Kojo is only 14… After finishing one of the most spiritual lessons I have probably had on my mission, I was deeply touched by Kojo’s desire to know the truth and the fact that I get to be apart of this young man’s journey. Kojo came to church that Sunday and is still learning with us. He is super excited to be baptized.
Now, one night this last week when visiting with Kojo, we met Ernest’s little brother who is schooling in Accra right now, but is home for the next few weeks. His older brother Ernest had been sharing the gospel with him for awhile, but now we have had the pleasure of meeting with him. He is only 15, but so powerful as well. At the end of the lesson, he was asking to be baptized. He also came to church yesterday and had the opportunity to view a baptism. During the baptism, he leaned over to me and asked “When is the earliest I can be baptized?”
Man, God has blessed me with such wonderful souls.
Now, my time is up, but I want to share one last thought. I love the Atonement so much. I am so imperfect and mess up so often, but the Savior still reaches out to me. I was reading in 2 Nephi this last week when I came across a scripture talking about how quickly men turn away from the Lord and forget Him. After saying that, the Lord tells us that He will never turn away or forget us. Jesus Christ really does love me. He loves all of us.
I get upset sometimes because of the bad decisions I make, but then I remember that I can change. I can change and become better because of Jesus Christ. I don’t have to roll in the mud tomorrow, because of the choices I made yesterday or even today! I can say, “Starting now, I will change. I won’t make that same mistake again.” And then, I’ll mean everything I say. I will act upon the words I speak.
As I partake of the sacrament, I am given strength to act and reminded of the promises I have made. In the strength of the Lord, I can do all things.
Much love,
Elder Whipple

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