Weekly letter to y’all from the States! or wherever else you might be…

[email sent July 18,2016]

Dear beloved family and friends,

To help build unity in my district, I decided to do a web of gratitude. One person will hold a piece of string and pass it to someone else. When you pass it to someone, you have to say something you are grateful about that person. Repeat until you create a web.

My health is excellent. My family is blessed by the Lord. My companion and I are still working hard. We are blessed by the Lord in this part of the vineyard. Sometimes it may not seem so, because we have been working harder and harder with little show of success. Our area has only 2 members from our branch in it and both are males who work often and are trying to give us referrals, but are not having success themselves. So, that leaves my companion and I with a whole bunch of contacting ourselves. We have not found anyone that has been serious enough to progress towards baptism, which can be very difficult at times, but it has been a great lesson on patience and faith. Our blessings come in the form of being taught by the Lord.

Elder Dudley bought some sugar. I got really excited, until I tried some and almost died from overdosing on sugar.

Also, ever since I read the talk “Thy confidence shall wax strong in the presence of God”, I have desired with all of my heart to have the Spirit in such great abundance as did the missionaries in that talk. I worked hard on trying to be as positive as I could, but I still felt like I wasn’t doing something right.

I harvest corn like a boss.

Finally, I decided to fast and pray. During my fast, I started making a list of things I would change to better invite the Spirit in my life. Once I made my list of things, I covenanted with the Lord that I would do the things I had written down. As soon as I finished praying, I felt instant opposition. Never before in my life have I felt such darkness and doubt work to destroy the faith I love so dearly. I know that the adversary as no power over me, except that I willingly give him, so I continue to pray for help. I know God lives. I know that through Jesus Christ I can change.

I tried making eggs in a waffle maker… Haha, it worked.

I have never seen my Father or my Savior with my eyes in this life, but I lived with them before and I can still feel Their love now. As I have prayed every morning for strength to accomplish the list of promises I made with God and then ended my day with a report, my faith has grown. My love for God has grown. The power behind the words “I know that my Redeemer lives” has grown and the Spirit I feel when I say those words has grown. I may have felt the greatest darkness I ever have before, but I have also felt an abundance of God’s Spirit in my life. The secret, pray for mercy and to know the truth and then read the scriptures.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 3.35.04 PM
Still taken from his 7/19/2016 dropbox video.

I love all of you. May God’s love be with all of you.



Anyone want water?

P.S. I have had one or two complaints about the dropbox videos… I hope mostly everyone is able to view them? I will post them either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Back to Mcdonalds days… “I think you’re ready for fried bread.”

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