This week.

[email sent June 27, 2016]

Dear family and friends,

Another wonderful week has past and I am still enjoying my mission here in Ghana! One of the main reasons I have enjoyed this week so much is not because it was easy, but because I have learned more about trusting in God this week. When elder Lawson was transferred to Tamale, I became the district leader of the Daban district, senior companion to an older missionary, and the mission’s financial secretary. I was completely stressed out with no idea of where I should start. So, I prayed.

I have made Sunday my french toast day. I eat french toast every Sunday.

During the prayer I offered, I asked that the Lord would place challenges before me to help me learn and trust Him, instead of asking Him to take away the trials I already felt closing in on me. Well, my prayers were answered with a lighting fast response.

This is unity. We decided we all had to sleep in one room before a few of us were transferred.

All throughout the next few days after I said that prayer, I felt like everything that could have went wrong, went wrong. On the missions working fund sheet (the excel spreadsheet that tracks the missions money), I somehow messed up a formula that caused the sheet to tell me that I was missing thousands of cedi’s, which caused me to have a little heart attack. While trying to fix the mistake that I had made, I was also having to train my companion on how to be an office elder. After many frustrating attempts to correct the excel sheet, my companion and I wanted to go teach a few people we had planned for. Most of the people we had planned to teach were unavailable…

Sorry it’s so blurry. Elder Lawson is by far, one of my favorite missionaries.

To make a long story short, my prayer was answered and I definitely leaned completely on the Savior. After quite an exciting few days, the winds blew in my favor. With the help of my trusty cellular device, a long phone call to the USA, and the actual financial secretary for the mission the excel spreadsheet was repaired. Problem solved, check. My new companion learns quickly. Problem solved, check check. Even though we were not able to see most of the people we wanted to this past week, we were still able to teach more lesson than we had anticipated. Problem solved, check check check! All in all, it was a sweet week filled with plenty of weights to make me stronger.

We forgot to tell elder Abrams that we were not doing our “I’m tired” photo yet…

My new companion is elder Anderson. He is Ghanaian. His family lives in Accra. He is a pretty quiet most of the time, but we are still able to talk, so that’s good. We have gotten along the whole week, so that is especially good.

Just singing in stake conference. It’s okay that I took a photo, because I saw president Cosgrave take one… 🙂

Also, I think I have sent everyone on my emailing list a link to my dropbox videos, so I hope everyone is enjoying the opportunity to be able to “live” in Ghana with me. I probably won’t write super long weekly letters anymore since I will be able to make a video at the end of my weeks here for y’all. That will be good, because it will give me more time to write personal emails.

I hope and pray everyone had a splendid week last week! I hope everyone has an even better week coming!

With tons of love,

Elder Whipple


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