To all of my family and friends!

[email sent June 20, 2016]

To all of my beloved kindred,

I am sad to say that this weeks email will be pretty small due to my want to use my time to write individual emails, so I’ll get right to the “meat.”
Live Long and Prosper
Last week was zone conference week, so my companion and I were able to attend all the zone conferences being held in the mission. I was able to travel back up to Techiman for one of the conferences! Super sweet stuff.
Elder Dudley and I go to the mission home and workout every single morning before drinking our green drinks. Upon returning Saturday after our workout, elder Dudley found the mosquito net to his window cut open and some of the things on his desk stolen… After searching our apartment, we found the AP’s window cut open as well. Looks like our white skin has drawn some unwanted visitors. Dang. Thankfully nothing too serious was stolen.
“how I feel when stuff gets stolen.”
This last week was also transfer week… 😦 Elder Lawson will be leaving me. He has been reassigned to be a zone leader in Tamale. He will be dearly missed. 😦 My new companion is another Ghanaian. Apparently he can drive and work computers. I’m excited to see how things will go! Also, I will be the senior companion for the first time and have been assigned as the new district leader for the Daban district. Cool beans.
Anyways, that’s the main news for this week!
Also, thank all of those who sent pictures this week!!!! I really enjoyed them!!!! Sorry I didn’t have time to take photos this week… I’ll repent and take plenty of pictures for next weeks email!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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