Joy like a river…

[email sent May 30, 2016]

I’m just trying to make do with what I have over here… It turned out nicely! No bacon though. 😦

Dear loved ones,

As for this week, I don’t even know what to say. I have received many wonderful emails from friends and family, which have filled my heart with great joy. I am so happy I came on a mission.

My companion and I cleaned the mission home’s storage garage this last week. Lots of heavy boxes and bugs.

For sure one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Christlight is our second baptism here in Kumasi together. She is only 12, but she is super smart.

I feel the Holy Ghost teaching and comforting me every single day.

Couldn’t pass up this picture of all these kids riding a wagon being pulled by a donkey.

When I make a wrong decision, because missionaries are not perfect, the Spirit teaches me and I am able to make an immediate correction.

That’s sawdust. I wonder what they going to use it for?

I love this feeling of closeness I have slowly, and will continue to develop, with God. I guess that’s way I would say this mission has been the greatest decision of my life, because I have come closer to God, which has brought me more joy then I have ever felt before.

This is Wood Village. It’s like the Meeks lumber yard for all of Ghana.

I don’t want the closeness I feel now to ever go away. The ways to keep such closeness are easy too. Read the scriptures every day, pray always, keep God’s commandments, keep the covenants you have made, magnify your duties, etc… Simple things! Keep things simple, “choose the right.” 🙂


Alright, lots of stuff happened this week, but nothing really of too much importance. So, if you want to know the details of this week, you’ll have to wait until I get home… Sorry.

With much love,


[Below are rest of the photos from this email.]

This is Richard. He had a stroke a few months ago and has lost the use of the left side of his body. My companion and I stop by every Sunday for a long while just to spend time with him and read the scriptures with him. He has lived in Germany before and he even lived in America for about 30 years. Now he lives back in Ghana and is so very lonely. One of his sons lives and takes care of him, but he misses people. I have already made the decision that when I come back to America, I will set aside time every week for people like him. They just want to talk and feel loved, so that’s what I’ll do.
I too sleep on metal rods when I am tired. 😛 [“hold to the rod…the iron rod…”]
“Dinner anyone? It’s fresh!”
We played in the rain on Tuesday last week. And… We had the best time ever!
Seems legit.
Most meals families in Ghana feed us look like this. Banchu and fish. Actually, this is a nice dinner compared to some of the things I have eaten.
We had a BBQ today. Delicious.
Even the AP’s need to relearn how to tie a tie…
Elder Lawson is the master chef.
We bought some “sweet baby ray’s” for this occasion. So dang good!

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