Road trip and mother’s day calling!

[email sent May 9, 2016]


Dear family and friends,

Another incredible, memory filled week. Monday was a chaotic day of preparing for the mission tour. My companion and I stayed up waaaaay past our bedtime, because we had to pull mission supplies for each zone in the mission, finish prepping the mother’s day calling credit, and washing/packing for our week long trip.

This is called a “yellow yellow.”

Elder Vinson and his wife arrived on Tuesday morning in Kumasi to begin their tour of our mission. All of Tuesday morning was almost a disaster.

The main mode of transportation in Tamale is motorcycle.

People were showing up late, people were not following clear instructions, food for all of the missionaries showed up super late, and the chapel that the Vinson’s were to speak in was not set up right… So it was a mad dash to make everything right before the devotional was to begin. By time the meeting started, the chapel wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough.


The Vinson’s are powerful teachers! Sister Vinson taught that no effort is ever wasted and elder Vinson taught all about prayer, scripture study, church attendance, member missionary work, the Atonement, repentance, the Holy Ghost, and many other things that he was able to put all together into one message.


Tuesday night the assistants, my companion, and I finished pulling orders and packing our truck for the week long adventure. The next morning we hit the road for Techiman, my “birth place”. It was really cool to be able to see my old area again and I was even privileged to meet some of the members of Krobo branch.

A lot of the houses up north look like this.

The devotional in Techiman went super smoothly. I am extremely grateful I got to follow the Vinson’s to Techiman, because they gave an entirely different message then they had in Kumasi. Their messages sank deeply into my heart in Techiman. I would share my notes with all of you, but I forgot my notes in the apartment… So, I will just have to add my notes to next week’s email. Right after the devotional in Techiman concluded, we were on the road again!

Elder Vinson, my companion, and I in Bolga.

The trip to Tamale went by so quickly, because we all talked and laughed the whole way. When we arrived in Tamale we had to drop something off with President Cosgrave and it turns out he was eating dinner with elder Vinson, so he invited us to join them. For the first time in 6 months, I ate lasagna. It had real cheese on it!!! Milk products are a luxury here in the Ghana Kumasi mission…

“Mango anyone?”

Thursday was kind of a repeat of the previous day, which was nice because it was another spiritually uplifting day. Friday we had the pleasure of traveling all the way to Bolgatanga! Bolga is such a wonderful place. Sweltering hot, but oh so sweet. The people in Bolga speak perfect English and are some of the most humble people on this earth. The gospel is spreading so quickly there! Missionaries just went to Bolga 6 weeks ago and already they have 50+ members and investigators attending church. That’s progress.

We were only in Bolga long enough for President Cosgrave, sister Cosgrave, sister Vinson, and elder Vinson to give short talks. During elder Vinson’s talk, he said that the West Africa area is on the verge of exploding with success. I am thankful I get to be a part of this great work here in Africa.


After the short little devotional we had in Bolga, our mission tour came to a peaceful halt. Before the Vinson’s departed back to Australia, they spoke to a small group of missionaries consisting of myself and 7 other missionaries. He told us that we were model missionaries, that we would be blessed for our service, and that our parents should be proud of us. It felt good to hear that from a general authority.

Our companionship… Is sweet.

And… That was my week! To add some icing to the cake, I got to Skype home to my family! Ah, I was so happy all last night! In fact, I’m still happy. To see familiar faces and hear familiar voices… 40 minutes went by too quickly! I can’t wait until I can just talk to my family and loved ones without having to worry about a timer telling me I have 5 minutes left. One day…


Well, that’s all I have for y’all this week! Until next time.




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