[email sent   May 2, 2016]

Most beloved readers,

As my first item of business, I am well. Secondly, missions are sweet. This week my companion and I have been extremely busy trying to make up for last week’s lost time. We are trying to prepare a woman for baptism as well as spending time in the office filling out reports for this week and reports that should have been done last week. On top of teaching lessons and making reports, mother’s day is coming up and my companion and I are in charge of buying phone credit and sim cards for missionaries to call home.

Ha, they know how to get stuff moved!

It sounds easy, but we have missionaries from all around the world in this mission and each country has a different cost on their calling tariffs. There’s more, but I will just leave it at, we were/are busy.

This is our branch presidents daughter. She had her baptism 2 weeks ago.

Staying busy is way better than being lazy. I can’t stand laziness here on a mission. It drives me crazy. When we stop and just sit around, it eats at me. That’s why I am glad I have the companion I have.

This. Is. My. Childhood. You already know that I am filling my suitcase up with this stuff on my way home.

Elder Lawson cannot stand laziness either. He just doesn’t stop moving. He is such a great companion. Not only does he work hard, but he constantly tries to be better then he currently is. He is kind, funny, and loves the same things as me. He lifts me up all the time by telling me how well I am doing. He told me the other day that he loved my teaching and couldn’t believe that I have only been on a mission 6 months. It felt so nice to hear something like that.

This is almost every night for us here in the Ghana Kumasi mission.

He also makes me laugh. Like, really laugh. Most of the time I have been out here, I haven’t laughed out loud very often, but since I have been with elder Lawson I laugh out loud at least once a day. Laughing makes everything better.

Some days you need to just gather as an apartment and laugh.

Since I’m already on the topic of making things better, this month is about to get better. Mother’s day is this Sunday and because it’s mother’s day, I get to call home!!!!! To make that better, I will be able to Skype home to the family!! I am so excited!!!!!! This will be my second of four calls home. Time has flown has it not? I think it has. (Dad, you should probably download Skype…)

I am so happy there is English chocolate here in Ghana.

Well, that is pretty much all I have for you this week. No incredibly interesting story that I can take and mold into an amazing adventure for you to read this week. Sorry. I will have plenty to tell this coming week! We have elder Vinson of the seventy coming to our mission to do a mission tour.

We had grilled chicken last Monday.

President Cosgrave has given my companion and I permission to travel with the AP’s up to my old area of Techiman! After Techiman we will be traveling to Tamale and then Bolgatanga, which is as far north as you can go in our mission. Elder Lawson and I are pretty stoked about our road trip! I’m telling you, the diversities of being an office elder are sweet.

Late nights in the office. Usually I would be at the other computer working, but the AP’s sometimes need to barrow a computer…

Anyways, tootles! Write me your own adventures. I enjoy to hear what is going on in your part of the world.

Cute baby. She is sitting in a fufu pounding mortar.





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