[email sent April 18, 2016]

When you can only fit a million people into a tro-tro and you need to fit just a few more people… There is enough room on top of the car for 6 more people right? Well, “such is life.”

I know I wasn’t very good at responding to emails the last 6 months, now that I am in the office I can write longer emails in a Word document during my lunch hour and then paste them over to my email on Monday…

Don’t mess with us when we are eating our beans and rice. These are the type places we eat everyday…

So you can write me now and get an answer, I promise.

The “Great British Whale” brings water for our apartment every 2 weeks. The driver was nice enough to let us take a few pictures in his truck. 🙂




Yeah, I guess you could say our companionship is the coolest.

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