Camping in Ghana

[email sent April 11, 2016]

Dear family and friends,

I know that we are children of Heavenly Father. One of the many things we inherited from Him was our sense of humor…

pre mission…morning, noon and night.

He is perfect in every way, even His sense of humor.  I enjoy camping, but only when I can retreat to the cleanliness of my shower/home after I have accomplished my adventure. That luxury often escapes me here in Kumasi. The power in my last area was one of the two areas in the whole mission that never had “light off”, so I was spoiled my first five months on mission. Many nights since coming to Kumasi the power has shut off right as we are heading home after a long day of work with an expectation of a shower. And… When the power is off in this apartment, then the water shuts off too. Most nights I just come home, close my day, wash my face with the water I have in my bottle, and then go straight to sleep in my sweat. Let’s just say that I have come a long way from the clean freak that I once was.



I have no problem eating food of the streets (probably not a good idea, but there is some good food to find there…), sleeping in my sweat, having the dirtiest children climb all over me, and wearing the same pair of pants for a week straight because I don’t have time to wash a million pieces of clothing… Heavenly Father really wanted me to learn many lessons from coming out here on my mission, spiritual and temporal.

My district (made up of the six elders that stay in my apartment) is the! We have such unity in everything we do. I love all of them. All of us bring something to the table of talents and gifts. As a district, we have our own soccer team sponsored by the Cosgraves. Sister Cosgrave gave all of us matching jerseys so we look unified. We are going to start playing all of the other districts in the Kumasi area every other Monday. This Monday we played what we thought would be the hardest district and won… So… Daban FC is looking like a undefeated team.

Office Elder work is still just as busy as always. My companion and I work so hard. We never take a full hour for lunch or dinner and we usually work until 9:30 every night. Sometimes on crazy days, like Mission leadership council, transfer days, etc… We don’t close our day until 10:30. As well as working in the office, my companion and I have taught some of the most powerful lessons I have since I came here to Ghana. The branch I am in right now has some super powerful members in it who like to work with missionaries, so that’s cool. The problem with this branch is they all like to speak Twi, so I miss most, if not all, of what they are saying. So, most of the time I just read my scriptures. I am so blessed.

I have been able to eat really well since coming to the office too! I was afraid I might get fat since I was going to do a lot of sitting, but ‘tis not so!

Every morning I work out and eat oatmeal and raisins. When I am working in the office, I take a short break every two hours to work out small. For lunch, I eat rice and beans and then for dinner I eat fruit or veggies. I am pretty happy with my health right now. The Ghanaians love to eat/drink oil, so I haven’t felt this healthy since coming to Ghana.

Now, I should probably close my email with something a little more spiritual. I know Heavenly Father lives and loves us, His children. There is no doubt in my mind of that. Neither is there an inkling of a doubt of His plan for me and all those around me. I know Jesus Christ died for me. For you. For all of us. It wasn’t just a mass Atonement either. He felt each and every one of my pains and yours. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and was called by God. I know that we still have a prophet on this earth today and he holds all of the priesthood keys. I also know that he speaks the words God would have us hear. I know God has given us scriptures for our learning, growth, and guidance back to Him. Follow God’s commandments and endure to the end.

Much Love,


P.S. “To be worthy does not mean to be perfect.”



By the way, since I have come to the office my companion and I are going to start emailing at the same time everyday… So next Monday, if you would like to chat with me or read my emails right away, we should be getting on around 7:30 p.m. our time (Sorry I changed the time mom…). Just so you know.


2 thoughts on “Camping in Ghana

  1. We the people of Daban are so so blessed to have a wonderful missionary as Elder Whipple. Personally I’m so happy to have such a great man in my branch… The Lord be with you.



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