Welcome to the office…

[email sent April 4, 2016]

Dennis. He is one of my recent converts. He is preparing to serve a mission already! I am so happy for him and the people he will teach one day.

I was excited to leave Techiman, but at the same time I was sad. Techiman felt like home. I love the people there. One sister I loved visiting, sister Pricilla, said as I was leaving “You really love us and love your missionary work. We are sad to lose you.”

So I was right about general conference in Ghana. The missionaries here usually don’t get to watch it… They have to wait for the Ensign to come out. My companion and I, the assistants to the president, and the other companionship in our apartment on the other hand had the privilege to watch general conference with President! Did I say I love being an office elder? 🙂 We didn’t get to watch the priesthood session, because we would have had to stay up until midnight… But we got to watch all of the other sessions.

Brother Frimpong, one of my recent converts, has no money, but traveled a two hour round trip just to say goodbye to me the day before I left Techiman. When I tried to repay for his trip, because I knew he has no money, he refused to take my money and told me “I love you that much. I would be so happy if I had just one friend like you in Ghana.” The people of Techiman will always have a piece of my heart.

Some sweet scripture bags!

I also miss elders Botha and Madsen. They became my brothers here in Ghana. Memories were made in Techiman… But now it is time to make new memories in a new area.

(From left to right…) Me, elder Lawson (my companion), elder Asada (trainer), and elder Dudley (new missionary who is really cool).

Transfer day was last Wednesday and it was cool. I arrived in Kumasi safely, met my new companion, and moved into my new apartment. My companion is sweetly awesome. Elder Lawson is from California, is hard working, and enjoys talking to me. Our apartment is big, because there are six of us living in it. All of the elders in my apartment are cool.


Being an office elder is the best. We work really hard, but still have a bunch of fun. I love it as an office elder! We have a car. We get to speak with President and sister Cosgrave every single day. We have A/C when working in the office and driving. The list just keeps going! The Lord is blessing me. He is blessing you too… If you don’t think He is, look again.

P-Day fun!!!
Well, I love all of you. Until next week.
Elder Whipple



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