Welcome to the office…

[email sent April 4, 2016]

Dennis. He is one of my recent converts. He is preparing to serve a mission already! I am so happy for him and the people he will teach one day.

I was excited to leave Techiman, but at the same time I was sad. Techiman felt like home. I love the people there. One sister I loved visiting, sister Pricilla, said as I was leaving “You really love us and love your missionary work. We are sad to lose you.”

So I was right about general conference in Ghana. The missionaries here usually don’t get to watch it… They have to wait for the Ensign to come out. My companion and I, the assistants to the president, and the other companionship in our apartment on the other hand had the privilege to watch general conference with President! Did I say I love being an office elder? šŸ™‚ We didn’t get to watch the priesthood session, because we would have had to stay up until midnight… But we got to watch all of the other sessions.

Brother Frimpong, one of my recent converts, has no money, but traveled a two hour round trip just to say goodbye to me the day before I left Techiman. When I tried to repay for his trip, because I knew he has no money, he refused to take my money and told me “I love you that much. I would be so happy if I had just one friend like you in Ghana.” The people of Techiman will always have a piece of my heart.

Some sweet scripture bags!

I also miss elders Botha and Madsen. They became my brothers here in Ghana. Memories were made in Techiman… But now it is time to make new memories in a new area.

(From left to right…) Me, elder Lawson (my companion), elder Asada (trainer), and elder Dudley (new missionary who is really cool).

Transfer day was last Wednesday and it was cool. I arrived in Kumasi safely, met my new companion, and moved into my new apartment. My companion is sweetly awesome. Elder Lawson is from California, is hard working, and enjoys talking to me. Our apartment is big, because there are six of us living in it. All of the elders in my apartment are cool.


Being an office elder is the best. We work really hard, but still have a bunch of fun. I love it as an office elder! We have a car. We get to speak with President and sister Cosgrave every single day. We have A/C when working in the office and driving. The list just keeps going! The Lord is blessing me. He is blessing you too… If you don’t think He is, look again.

P-Day fun!!!
Well, I love all of you. Until next week.
Elder Whipple



The Storms of Life, followed by Sunshine.

[email sent March 21, 2016]

This week was probably one of the rougher weeks on my mission… I focused on a lot of the negatives this week, which I know I shouldn’t have done. It really got me down. Nevertheless, I am still alive and am feeling much better! We played soccer this morning as a zone and ate a delicious rice dish. Food and sports, two things that make me happy. I have already decided that this coming week will be a better one, because I am only going to focus on the good things that come. “Count your many blessings…”

While I was reading the scriptures in my personal study time, I came across a scripture in D&CĀ 20:31. In this scripture I found out how to be sanctified or in other words, consecrated. It’s all so simple! If we love God and serve Him, then we will be perfected in the grace of Christ. Also, we can’t love God and serve Him with all of our hearts, might, minds, and strength if we don’t love our fellow brothers and sisters. Love, as President Monson says, “Is the essence of the gospel.” So, just work on love. Love everyone. Life gets better when you love.

Just a thought I wanted to share. Time is short. God is with you, so don’t forget to take notice. Thank Him in pray.


Elder Whipple

That, my friend, is a snail. People here eat that. Yum.

[email sent March 28, 2016]

Heavenly Father is mindful of us. No matter what you are going through, the Lord loves you, He is lifting you up, and sending blessings upon your head every second… You just have to find them. The Lord has said, “After much tribulation, great blessing come…” I know that to be true! With all of my heart! Even if our blessing are not to come in this life, they will come.

So I am pretty sure I mentioned that this week is transfer week… One thing is for sure, I am leaving Techiman on Wednesday. šŸ™‚ The president himself let me know that. Last Friday was our zone conference (Which was awesome by the way) and after zone conference concluded, I was handing out conference talks that sister Cosgrave asked me to hand out when President Cosgrave pulled me to the side… He then asked me “Do you like shuffling papers? I hope so, because I have a new assignment for you. One of our office elders needs to be replaced, so I would like to assign you to take his place.” Uh, YES PLEASE! I leave for Kumasi on Wednesday. My new area is Daban and my new companion is Elder Lawson (I’ve only heard good things about him). Right after companionship study in the morning, I will go to the mission home and work in the office most of the day until I finish the days work. Once we finish in the office, we will go to teach the gospel in the evening. I am kind of really stoked for this new assignment. I get to teach the gospel, work on a computer in a air conditioned office, and drive a truck everywhere I want to go… The Lord looks out for His children.
I will miss Techiman, but at the same time, “Peace out Techiman! Hello Kumasi!”
I love all of you. Until next week.
Elder Whipple