Small email this week… But it’s… Picture week!

[email Feb 29, 2016]

Haha, my not so old friend came back to play… What is the saying? “Third times the charm”? Maybe I will get super powers if I get it again…


The senior couple missionaries from Washington state made the Krobo missionaries dinner… I was in heaven.


Just chillin’… Well, as chill as you can get in Ghana.


Grandma has the right idea!!!


This is the nicest bathroom I have found in Techiman! It has four walls! πŸ™‚


This photo was taken near the end of the day… It pretty much sums up everything. My tie and belt are both crooked, my shirt is starting to get untucked, I’m tired, but I’m happy.


Sorry, this photo is a little dark. I run everyday, so I have almost lost all of my MTC weight! My leg and arm muscles are also getting bigger then they have before…


​The calm before the strom… This photo was taken 5 seconds before the next one…


The wind was throwing up crazy amounts of dust!!! This photo was at the start of it! I had to put my camera away and cover my face because it was so bad.


I decided not to buy a washing machine since I like money so much… Behold my mighty “washing machine”!


I wanted to retake the photo, because I was not smiling in the last one… That’s when I got this gem. Look closely in the back round. The zone leaders are seriously my big brothers out here. They lift me up and make me happy.


Everything you see is my proselyting area!


I love you all!!! Have a blessed week! Know God loves you and is looking out for you!




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