“I’m a big boy now!”

[email sent Feb 1,2016]
Just trying to save some money in the GKM… That car was tiny and there was many of us, but it was totally worth it.
“I’m a big boy now!” As of yesterday, I am no longer in training! I am a fully trained missionary now who has hit his three month mark. 🙂 Along with finishing training… Transfer calls were on Saturday and my trainer, Elder Ambanya, will be leaving me tomorrow. 😦
 I decided to spoil my favorite Elders the night before transfer calls… Last big meal as an apartment. (Chef KoolWhip) Mom, I tried to set the table with matching plates, but we only have two plates in the apartment.
What will I do without my trainer?
He is going to Kumasi area and I will be staying in this area (First Area!) for a special eight week transfer. My new companion will be Elder Baah. He is a Ghanaian who speaks Twi, so hopefully I’ll learn Twi faster and the people will be easier to contact.

There are no public bathrooms anywhere in our area, so… It’s either the bush or “the walk of shame.”

Now that I have been here for three months I have started to notice that I actually love the people.

I’m happier.

Just chillin’. Almost every house in our area looks like this.

When I first got here it was painful. I had no connection with these people and I had to force myself to be happy.

Looking fresh for his last Sunday in our area.

After hearing my companion was going to get transferred though, I thought about myself being transferred from here and it made me feel sorrow.

We are trying to decide if I am full Ghanaian yet. “Yeah, I’m black.”

When I felt sad I realized that my love had come not all at once like I wanted it to at the beginning, but like a rising sun. It’s hard here, but there is good to be found everywhere.

Sister missionary versus my companion. She won. She always wins.
That’s all I have for this week. Stay happy and “just keep swimming!” And remember these wise words from an experienced elder… “Never, ever trust a fart in a third world country.” Until next week.

Elder Whipple
Selfie time.

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