Like Burnt toast…

[email sent Jan 25, 2016]

I am not going to lie this weeks letter may be a little pitiful in means of length. Also, I guess I forgot to give an update on the whole malaria thing, didn’t I? As soon as I came back from the hospital with a positive reading for malaria, the mission nurse started me on the special medication. I got a hundred times better after starting the medicine. The experience was hard, but I have added it unto my “profit and learning” section. Thus it was, the end.

“What are all of these people doing in my picture?”

You know, I wish I could write longer emails. I want to keep my readers happy with long, intricate details of my life here… But alas, I only get one hour and no other hour in my life has ever gone faster than emailing time on a mission.


It’s just preparing me for writing my college papers in one hour. Just kidding, but really.

Can you see Mowgli?

So I’l get right back to how camping in Africa was this week. On preparation day (the day we do all of our shopping, cleaning, emailing, etc…), my zone, the area I’m in, went to the Kintempo waterfalls.

That is Elder Peterson.
The trip there was about an hour and I spent the entire ride, there and back, talking to Elder Peterson (one of my favorite elders ever) about one of my favorite subjects, life.
We love our selfies.
I could spend the whole email talking about the trip and the beauty of the falls, but I’ll just post pictures today and let them do the talking. The trip to the waterfalls was on Monday. On Wednesday, my zone traveled to the near by town of Sunyani for another special training. This training was centered on how to plan and set goals effectively with faith and then working with diligence to achieve them.
My sweetly awesome zone.

It was spiritual and informative. The next day I went on another exchange, but this time with Elder Snow’s companion, Elder Porritt. We didn’t just have a good day. We had an incredible day. We talked. laughed, and had one of the most successful days of teaching I have probably had since entering the field. It was an awesome day.

Only one of us got the “make a funny face” memo. The far left elder is Elder Madsen from America. Elder Botha is next to me. He is from South Africa. They are my zone leaders and they are the best.

Other then those days, this week hasn’t been too exciting. My training period ends this coming Sunday though! 🙂 Then I’ll be a semi experienced missionary. Also, my companion and I find out this Saturday if one of us is going to be transferred to a different area! That’s exciting. I’ll let you know next week what’s going down here in good old Africa.

Peace homies.

Until next week my most loyal reader’s.

Your most devoted writer,

Elder Whipple

Different angle.

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