Endure it well…

[email sent Jan 11, 2016]


I am sorry last weeks emails were not many. My companion and I had many delays throughout the day, so by time it was time to email the cafe was closing.



Haha, this week was one heck of a ride. Imagine if I just ended my email of the week there and you had to wait until next week to hear the rest? Cliff hanger. The only problem is it would bug me if I had to wait a week to tell you… I’ll spill the beans. This last week I officially scratched something off on my “unwanted bucket list.” Here is the wisdom I will impart to you at this time. Don’t get malaria, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Unless you just really want to spend tons of personal time with your pillow, in pain. Then malaria is for you. I have faithfully taken my malaria preventative medicine since I arrived in Ghana, but it seems I was destined to experience malaria. The funny thing is that I didn’t even know I had malaria for most of the week, so in between feeling like garbage and feeling less like garbage, I still tried to proselyte. I can proudly say I still met some of my weekly goals, while suffering from malaria. Scratch that off my “like a boss” list. Also on the bright side of things, I didn’t eat almost the entire week, so I lost a lot of MTC weight. 🙂 Really, that was my whole week. You know, nothing too exciting.



I would feel bad if my weekly letter was only this long, so I’ll share a spiritual thought I had this week. During personal studies this week, I came across Jacob 7 in the Book of Mormon. In Jacob chapter 7, a man named Sherem is going about the Nephite people “that he might overthrow the doctrine of Christ.” and “he labored diligently that he might lead away the hearts of the people…” As I read this, I thought about my own service to God. I then thought about how the adversary has his own servants working to do the opposite of what I am doing. We are fighting in a war. The war in heaven is still being fought here on the earth and we are all enlisted. Are we doing all we can to save our brothers and sisters in this war? The adversary is laboring diligently to destroy us. When we fall in this war, because we will, look for the ultimate medic. The Savior. His hand is stretched out still.


I love all of you. Peace out until next week! Remember, trials and sacrifices are essential for our salvation and exaltation.



Elder Whipple

*You can send written letters to:

Elder Kamron Whipple
Ghana Kumasi Mission
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
P.O. Box PMB Ks 16333

Kumasi, Ghana

I’ll be watching the mailbox…

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