Kumasi and the sugar OD

[email sent Jan 4, 2016]

Fourth and fifth baptism’s
I just received the news that I have a new baby brother. I could end my email now by saying I am blessed and that’s the best news I have received since coming to Africa, but since I have been given good news I should share some of my own.

First of the packages to arrive. Thanks Kaylan and Dad!

Chapter 1: Packages and food

I almost didn’t survive to the year 2016… You know all of that candy I asked for? Yeah, we received many bags of that deadly candy. I want to thank all of you for your support in my requests, but please for the rest of my mission could you send healthier choices? After consuming the majority of the candy, I remembered how much I dislike the feeling high amounts of sugar have on me. Oh, how quick I am to eat sugar! And how slow I am to remember to take care of my “temple”.

Can you spot the huge rat in the trash?
I am very grateful for everything I am receiving, but I need to take care of my health, especially in Africa. The dentists here are not super great, so I really need to watch my intake of sugar… I don’t want rotting teeth 6000 thousand miles from home! Speaking of food, I found couscous here in Techiman!!! I am really happy, that’s all.

Mine is the chicken/pineapple one. They were good, but they lacked… Being as good as American pizza’s.

Chapter 2: Training in Kumasi

This week my companion and I, along with all of the other missionaries in training, went to Kumasi for a training conference. The conference was on how to teach more effectively and obey with exactness. After the conference finished, I spent a good hour talking to my MT’s (999Other elders how went through the MTC with me.) I thought I had it rough in my area… I know God has blessed me with starting in this area! I at least have power everyday! Most of my MT’s were sent to area’s where the power goes out every single day and when the power goes out, so does the water. One of my MT’s has had no running water for almost an entire transfer, and so he fetches water every 2 days!!! I would’ve lost a little sanity if I started there… I know I will be sent to 1 of those area’s sometime during my mission, but now I feel better prepared for it. Eventually, Sister Cosgrave( Mission president’s wife) told us that if we lived in a area that was far away we should leave soon. I on the other hand only live 2 hours from Kumasi, so 2 of my MT’s and I decided to spend some time in Kumasi and maybe even go shopping.

Welcome to Kumasi! I felt like I was in a Jason Bourne movie up on this balcony.

Chapter 3: The streets of Kumasi

Where we started our adventure it was less crowded, because we started on the UST college campus. On campus they have a ton of nice little shops and other buildings. 1 of these said buildings was a pizza shop… So, Elder Peterson(MT) and I decided to do what any needy American would do… We bought a bunch of pizza. The pizza took forever to make though, so while we were waiting we went into the campus shopping center. That store is a spider web for American’s. It had peanut butter, honey, snapple, oreo’s, and many other items rarely found in this country.

Tro-tro ride from Kumasi back to my area. I am sitting as far back as you can go and there are 3 other elders and a sister not in this photo. Don’t ride in tro-tros if you are claustrophobic…

Chapter 4: I’m sorry

I am out of time and cannot go into any more detail… That will have to wait for when I come home and write a full, more detailed version of my time here.

I love all Y’all and can’t wait to hear from you again! It’s been a long week, without you my friend(s) and I’ll tell you all about when it’s P-day again.

It’s supposed to say “2K16″… It was still awesome! We may have stayed up a little later then we should have that night… I still woke up at 6:30 sharp though.


Elder Whipple


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