Rice pudding, zone conference, and the spider…

[Email sent 12-21-2015]

Since we get to eat lots of rice here I have been getting creative. The other day I decided to take the bold step of recreating mom’s rice pudding.
Rice pudding… It was amazing.
I will have you know that not only can I improvise on stage, but in the kitchen as well. The rice pudding turned out to be way better then expected. In fact, it turned out so well that my companion wants me to cook it more often. Cooking, another buried talent found! Mom, I even remembered to temper the egg.
It’s come true…

We had our zone conference this last week and it was great! The conference was centered on Neal A. Maxwell’s talk “Swallowed up in the will of the Father.” Also, I had one of the best meals since I’ve come to Ghana… Real BBQ chicken and rice! Blessing counted.

Along with success, there must be opposition. One of my worst nightmares as come to pass… The spiders here are huge. I was moving my suitcase on Thursday and while doing so a massive spider came out from under my bag.

And it came to pass, that I fled quickly after its emergence from the cavity of my bag. But behold, wo be unto the spider! For I returned to the place of my bag with a mighty vengeance and the spider perished in the blink of an eye. It’s a shame really… I liked that suitcase. Too bad I have to burn it now.



Sorry I didn’t take a photo for the records… But I have been keeping other records. As well as writing in a journal, I have been making lists that I write in almost everyday.

I fought this mouse from the first week I came to Techiman… Rest in peace my most noble foe. (Only one mouse was macheted in the making of this photo)

Here are a few of those lists:

Things I will continue after my mission.

  • How can I apply the things I am learning now to member missionary work?
  • What new thing have I learned today?
  • What am I grateful for today?
  • How can I apply this to marriage and family?

That’s just a few lists… It’s helps me keep track of what I am learning and how to liken it unto myself.

I know I am where I am supposed to be and I know Jesus Christ is my savior.


Remember, “Adversity is mandatory, but misery is optional.”



Sorry for a short weekly letter this week… Longer letter and photos to come next week!


Also, I received my first letters from home on Tuesday! I will get the packages when the zone leaders go to the mission home the first week on January.

Elder Whipple


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