Christmas and the not so broken toe…

[email sent 12-28-1025]

“Mom! Dad! You shouldn’t have!” Of all the cars to find in Africa. [the same type of car Elder Whipple drives at home]
As a younger child, Christmas always felt like it would never come, but the last few months I haven’t even really thought about Christmas that much…
Asian food is da best.
Because I have the spirit of Christ(mas) in my heart always as a missionary. Everyday feels like Christmas. Except for the fact I got to watch the movie Elf with my zone and then call home this Christmas. Calling home was magical. To hear voices I recognize and love was a breath of fresh air. Especially after 3 months of talking to a strange new people. I have been blessed with a talent of quick adjustment to new things, but it’s nice to to actually talk to family.
Need… To… Recharge.
As well as Christmas this last week, my zone got together to play some good old fashion soccer! It was all fun and games until… So we were taking penalty kicks at the goalie and when it was my turn I was goofing around, which was an extremely bad idea because the ground was not very flat… I wasn’t paying any attention, so when I ran up to kick the ball all I kicked was solid rock. It was like a hundred fireworks all going off in my foot at once… At the time of impact and even several hours after, I was pretty sure I had broken my toe. After many prayers, a good night’s rest, and a whole lot of proselyting later… I am proud to report my toe is not broken! I can still move it. Blessing counted.
Almost there…
Another blessing this week was the free food! If you want tons of free food, then come to Ghana the day after Christmas.
We are bound to find something to eat in there!
It’s Boxing day and here in Ghana it’s a big deal for eating food. All my companion and I did that day was go from one house to the other, eating food.
Along with Christmas, tons of food, a baptism, and an almost broken toe… I found out this last week that one of the members living in my area makes pure silver and gold rings. And he told me that he will make me a pure silver ring with any design and writing on it for super cheap! Uh, yes please. I’ve seen his work and know that he is very good at what he does.
​This is Frimpong. He is a powerful man. This last Sunday was his baptism and it was an honor to baptize him. He was a referral from the branch president who had given him a gospel principles manual. After reading the whole manual in the 2 weeks after receiving it, he met with us and began receiving the missionary lessons. He shares the gospel with almost everyone he talks to and before he was even baptized he was bearing powerful testimonies. God truely blessed me by placing this mighty man in my life.
I love all of you and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! This coming week I can officially say “I’ll be home next year for Christmas.” Crazy.

May the force be with you… But more especially the spirit of God.

Stay tuned in for next week’s email!

I keep trying to call home, but the phone I bought the other day seems to be not working…

Love Elder Whipple

By the way, here is my mailing address.

Elder Kamron Whipple
Ghana Kumasi Mission
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
P.O. Box PMB Ks 16333

Kumasi, Ghana


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